Donald Adamson

Dreaming in black and white

Donald Adamson

This web-site is dedicated (currently at least) to two themes:

In the future I may introduce other topics.

The first theme covers my family at least back to my great-great grand-parents in the 19th century. It also gives a selection of family photographs and documents which form the personal archive of an ordinary working-class Scottish family. The photographs and documents cover the period from the Victorian era forwards. It is split into five sections, including the two World Wars. It  finishes with material concerning the post-war lives of John and Sheila Adamson, my parents.

The second theme deals with academic papers, articles and talks which I have created in the period since I studied archaeology at the University of Glasgow. This was firstly at post-graduate MLitt level (2008), and then researching for a PhD (2014). In the main, the content is about post-medieval Scottish archaeology but it also touches on Scottish history and culture.