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The Hoggan Story

This charts the story of the coal mining Hoggans from their first known appearance in late 16th century Dunfermline down to the 20th century. It was created and compiled by my cousin, Guy Redmond, who is the grandson of my great aunt Marion (Minnie) Hoggan, who married Pat Redmond. She was the sister of my grandmother, Elizabeth (Liz) Hoggan B 1891, who married John McLaren Adamson B 1886.

The document is nearly fifty pages and gives an account of the family between 1580 and the present day, together with historical context and family photographs. The earliest known Hoggan was John Hoggan who married Bessie Wilson in Dunfermline in 1580. His male descendants were, virtually without exception, coal miners. Sometimes they were called ‘pit sinkers’ and this is simply miners who have the knowledge to sink the shafts of coal mines on behalf of landowners. Effectively they were the first mining engineers and were qualified only by experience and family knowledge. This continued down to my great grandfather, David Hoggan (1863-1945). Several of his sons (my great uncles) were coal miners, as was my grandfather, John Adamson, who married one of his daughters, Elizabeth Hoggan in 1915.

If you wish a copy, please get in touch via the contact page.

Part of the Hoggan Family Tree (John Hoggan to David Hoggan)

John Hoggan (1)=1580=Bessie Wilson  In Dunfermline, Fife

John Hoggan (2)=1624=Cicile Glenn In Dunfermline, Fife
Robert Hoggan (1)=6.7.1652=Bessie Potter In Dunfermline, Fife
George Hoggan=20.7.1686=Katharine Dick Left Fife for Bo’ness
Robert Hoggan (2)=21.4.1709=Agnes Westwater In Bo’ness
Robert Hoggan (3)=1739?=Susanna Lumsdale In Bo’ness
Robert Hoggan (4)=1.7.1758=Mary Love In Bo’ness
Robert Hoggan (5)=1.3.1802=Jean Horne In Denny
Matthew Hay Hoggan=7.9.1844=Elizabeth Paton In Slammanan
=1.10.1869=Margaret Alexander Gray (2nd wife)
David Hoggan=27.2.1885=Allison Wilson In Muiravonside

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